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Criminals love unarmed victims. Oregon CHL Training online Enroll in online chl training, Oregon CHL firearm handgun safety class Welcome to Oregon CHL Training online, offering concealed handgun license training, how-to carry concealed, and firearm safety training. We are thrilled you are taking responsibility for your personal protection as well as your family’s safety and protection.

In our Online CHL Training course you will learn the basic parts and the fundamentals of safely using a semi-automatic handgun and revolver. We will discuss ammunition, cleaning and storing your weapon, safe shooting, protective gear, and holsters. You will also learn CHL Law for the State of Oregon as listed in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS).

If you wish to carry a concealed weapon, you must clearly understand the three main elements of threat required before using lethal force to defend yourself:

Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy

Furthermore, your responsibilities certainly don’t end with successful completion of this course. Carrying a firearm for self-defense is serious business. We encourage you to complete additional self-defense courses, practice shooting frequently, and even pursue additional tactical training. The more proficient you are with your firearm, the more able you will be to survive a deadly force encounter.

In addition to the Concealed Handgun License for defensive purposes, guns are tools that may be used for hunting or all types of fun, interesting sports. You may choose to join with other shooters to develop your skills in competitions like steel target or clay shoots. These competitions will improve your tactics and defensive skills. Involving your spouse and children will teach them that firearms are more than tools for defense. Shooting can be a safe and enjoyable hobby for the entire family. Be safe out there!

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OregonCHLTraining.com also offers in-person, public & private classes for both Oregon & Utah.

The live Oregon CHL class is three hours. The course covers basic firearms safety, Oregon CHL rules and Use of Lethal Force.
Cost: $45.00

The live Utah CWP class is four hours. The Utah non-resident permit allows you to legally carry in 32 states.
Cost: $65.00

$100 for both courses.
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Best Online CHL Training for Oregon CHL is offered by OregonCHLTraining.com
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